Holder for gating system


Our BEP-patented holder for gating system offers you additional advantages as:

  • No restarting after change of electrodes necessary
  • Compatible with all systems
  • No complex clamping of work piece required
  • High repeating accuracy after change of electrodes
  • Initial cut of multi cavity moulds within the range of 0,02 mm identical
  • No observation during the eroding process necessary
  • Initial cut with or without tunnel gate and also with ball point possible
  • Change of electrodes within 5 seconds
  • Initial cut after repair welding as good as new because of high reproducibility
  • Eroding of diagonal pillars possible
  • Error prevention because of no axial displacement

BEP-400752 Holder for gates system, fixed - compatible

  • material: 4301, stainless
  • Set box with 4 copper blanks, fastener and documentation